ADDed Dimensions

ADDed Dimensions provides support for individuals, families, and businesses affected by Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), also known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

ADDed Dimensions offers:
  • Individual and group Coaching Programs for those with ADD/ADHD, family members, or partners;
  • Access to comprehensive and timely information;
  • Training clinics for businesses and individuals.

The ADDed Dimensions philosophy:
The ADD/ADHD brain is simply a normal variation of the many different brains that exist. As with any brain, the ADD/ADHD brain has strengths and challenges.

Calling ADD/ADHD a "disorder" is misleading and inaccurate.  A more appropriate term might be Variable Attention/Activity Syndrome (VA/AS).  Regardless, a label can serve as a springboard to more knowledge rather than a cage to limit someone.

ADDed Dimensions can help you understand this condition, recognize its strengths, meet its challenges (such as low self-esteem or addiction to substances or behaviors), and develop strategies and skills to achieve personal and business goals, all while honoring the unique ADD/ADHD brain "wiring".

ADDed Dimensions was founded by Lee Rosback, ADD/ADHD Coach, who was diagnosed with the condition. This discovery answered the question why he had faced life-long challenges in areas such as career, relationships, and intense behaviors.

Use this site to begin or continue your exploration of ADD/ADHD.
A way out of the box!