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Neurofeedback, also called EEG Biofeedback, is based on the discovery that people with ADD/ADHD have altered electrical patterns in several brain areas. Brainwaves measure the level of electrical activity present, and indicate whether a person is in a focused state or an inattentive state.

A client's brain is connected to a computer via electrodes placed on the scalp, allowing the client to "view" brain activity by using an illustrative computer program, for example, several spaceships representing different brainwaves. The client attempts to increase or decrease the speed of the spaceship depending on the desired result, thus adjusting his or her brainwaves to produce a focused state.

A number of studies have shown encouraging results for people with ADD/ADHD. A drawback is expense. It can require 30-40 sessions to produce lasting results, and cost per session is approximately $90.