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Client Goals
  • Start each day without negative thoughts or worry
  • Establish a period of "quiet time"
  • Improve daily organization
  • Aerobic exercise routine (30 min., 6 days per week) upon awakening:
    • takes focus off worry and negativity
    • produces endorphins, brain chemicals which promote feelings of well-being
  • Medication (Adderall) taken at end of workout session Shower and eat breakfast while waiting for medication and endorphins to take effect (approximately 1 hr.)
  • Meditate for 30 min. during the "calm" window:
    • additional focus provided by pleasant scent, candlelight Daily planning done immediately following meditation (15 min.)

Client Goals
Client self-employed and encountering problems with work production and effective time management. Frustrated by inability to maintain a productive work schedule, which resulted in low work output. Client desired to improve work production.

  • Client filled in a 2-week Daily Activities Sheet, noting:
    • time periods worked
    • level of focus and production (1 = poor, 5 = excellent)
  • Results showed client worked best during two 3-hour blocks, early morning and late afternoon
  • Developed a daily schedule setting aside the above-mentioned blocks for work projects only
  • Scheduled mid-afternoon workout sessions to provide better focus for late afternoon work block

Client Goals
Client wished to get rid of low self-esteem and pervasive negativity resulting from “failures” in careers and relationships from decades of undiagnosed ADD/ADHD.

  • Established a "baseline" by using a tally counter to note the number of negative thoughts client had each day
  • Client made a list of values, behaviors, and activities that he felt would produce positive thoughts and feelings. This was narrowed down to 12 items
  • Developed a Daily Positivity Log, kept by the main residence phone.
  • Client would check off each of 12 items done that day. Examples:
    • Exercise
    • Proper nutrition
    • Activity in support of finding a better career
    • Social activity
  • In conjunction with the daily log sheets, a Weekly Planner sheet was developed, with specific time periods dedicated to each of the 12 items on the Daily Positivity Log
  • Client continued to use tally counter one day each 2-3 weeks to verify decrease in number of negative thoughts