ADDed Dimensions
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ADDed Dimensions provides informational seminars, training
clinics, and group or individual coaching sessions for:

- Family members
- Spouses, partners

- Counselors
- Teachers
- Students, families

- Managers
- Employees

A partial listing of seminars and clinics we offer are:
  • Understanding ADD/ADHD
  • Working with Your ADD/ADHD Student
  • Understanding and Improving Self-esteem in Students with ADD/ADHD
  • Helping your ADD/ADHD Students Organize
  • Organizing Your Workplace or Home
  • Managers: Organizing Your Workplace
  • Effective Communication with Your ADD/ADHD Family Member or Spouse
  • The Link between ADD/ADHD and Addiction
  • The ADD/ADHD Student: Learning Styles, Strategies, and Skills
Self-help information is useful, but is not a substitute for professional support. Always consult a trained medical or mental health professional when making a decision regarding treatment.